Parent Help & Child Protection

We need about 20-30 parents each week to help run our competition on Thursday nights. These parents are needed to perform tasks such as age managers, timekeeping, starting etc, and make the running of events efficient and leads to early program completion. Please sign on, (a condition of insurance) before you enter the field, so that we know you are here. The Equipment Officers will have most of the equipment ready, but sometimes they might need a hand - please offer to help them when you can.

Failure to have sufficient helpers will cause a delay in the commencement of the program, as competition will not commence and will result in a LATE finish. We will attempt to have an experienced official at each event, so no task will be given to any parent that they will not be able to complete with ease. We have found that it is more enjoyable to play an active role, rather than to merely be a spectator — this is how all of the centre officials originally started and the kids also love to see Mum and Dad getting involved.

Don't worry if you have never done your task before. If you are unsure about what is required, ask a committee member or another parent, someone will always help you. By following your kids around the various events, you will also get to watch some of our athletes who have been at our centre for a number of years and are proficient in their events. By following their example, new kids can pick up valuable tips and techniques. We will also be required to provide officials at Zone & Regional championships. Rosters will be drawn up for these events from those families in attendance. If assistance on this basis is unacceptable, the centre reserves the right to deny registration.

Child Protection

All coaches and age managers will be issued with a booklet from NSW Little Athletics on Personal Protection and Intervention. This policy encompasses all issues concerning appropriate behaviour from athletes, coaches, officials and parents. If any parent would like to view this booklet or would like a copy of this booklet, please enquire from the Secretary.

All parents and volunteers will be required to read and sign a Prohibited Employment Declaration, Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1988.