Uniform and Footware


The boys uniform comprises the Southlakes singlet and black shorts. The girls uniform comprises the Southlakes crop top or singlet and bike shorts. These articles can be purchased from the uniform officer at the centre. We also have a uniform pool and a limited number of second hand uniforms are available for purchase at half price.

On payment of registration fees, each athlete will receive a registration number which is to be sewn firmly on the front chest of the uniform, please ensure that the red border is showing. If the registration number is lost, a replacement can be obtained through the Registrar on payment of a fee.

The age number patch should be sewn firmly to the bottom front left hand side of the shorts.

Athletes MUST wear the Southlakes Centre Uniform including registration numbers to attend any carnivals including our Thursday Night competition and for all Championships from Zone through to State. Athletes will not be able to participate in only part of the uniform. The uniform is optional for Monday night training.


Spikes can only be worn in events that are run in lanes for the entire race. All spiked shoes must be removed at the completion of that event. Shoes must be worn at all times.