Code of Conduct & Centre Rules

All children must be accompanied by at least 1 parent or guardian when either training or competing. Children must not be left at Dora Creek Workers Club Oval without prior consent from an Executive Committee member, and that committee member is notified as to which adult in attendance will be responsible for that child for the time the parent or guardian is away from the Centre. We are not a child minding service and the centre cannot be responsible for such a large number of children. 

For insurance purposes, all parents must sign the attendance book prior to entering the field. 

Children not registered or toddlers too young for tots are not permitted in the competition area - unless under the strict guidance of a parent. The rail/fence that surrounds the oval is not to be used as playground equipment. This means there is to be no climbing on the fence.

Little Athletics is about family, fun and fitness. If everyone keeps the following few simple rules in mind, it will go a long way to increasing everyone's enjoyment of Little Athletics.

Play by the rules of athletics
Never argue with an official. If there is a problem, ask your Age Manager to deal with it.Treat other athletes the way you would like to be treated. Do not bully, interfere with or take advantage of other athletes.
Never put down another person.
Never threaten or use violence against another person.
Avoid the use of bad language,
Co-operate with other members of your centre.
Continually disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Verbal abuse of officials or other competitors, deliberately distracting or provoking another athlete and disruptive behaviour is not acceptable or permitted in any sport.

Also refer to the LAANSW Handbook for Codes of Conduct for Athletes, Parents & Coaches. Although we will endeavour to deal with any problems that arise on a fairly informal basis, the committee has formulated the following Disciplinary Action Plan, as a last resort, where verbal warnings are ineffective or if the incident is serious enough to warrant implementation of the plan.

Competition Guidelines

There is a 3 week rotating program for Thursday night competition, a copy of which is located on our website.
Shoes must be worn at all times.
Spikes are not to be worn by U/6, U/7 and U/8 athletes and are not to be worn between events by any athlete.
All athletes must wear Registration and Age numbers on their uniforms.
Thursday night centre competition will commence promptly at 5.30pm sharp. Warm up commences at 5.15pm, and any announcements will also be made at this time. Please ensure your children arrive early enough to complete their warm up, it is essential for the prevention of injuries in our young athletes. Parents should prepare themselves while the children are warming up. 
Lots of FUN and LOUD cheering is essential.
It is not possible for time to be spent showing each child the proper method for each event in any depth on Thursday night competition in the time allotted. This is why attendance on Monday night training is advisable, and for athletes to get the most out of themselves and athletics.

Track Rules

Athletes and officials must take care when crossing the running track.
Spikes can only be worn in events that are run in lanes for the entire race.
All spiked shoes must be removed at the completion of that event.
Shoes must be worn at all times.

These rules are strictly enforced at all association events.

Field Rules

The sand pits are only to be used by those athletes competing at those events.
Only one athlete at a time should be on the run up, and then move quickly out of the pit when the jump is completed.
Athletes not competing in field events should keep away from the competition area.
High jump bags are for the use of the competitors, and are not to be played upon.
Shot puts and Discus are not to be played with, and can only be used in the presence of an adult.
Shoes must be worn at all times.​

First Aid

Although we endeavour to make little athletics as safe as possible, accidents and injuries can still happen. If your child does get an injury, please see one of the first aid officers for assistance.

All injuries must be reported to the first aid officer no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time. All injuries must also be recorded in the First Aid Record which will be kept in Canteen. All parents and adults are responsible for this rule being adhered to.

Smoking & Alcohol

In following with NSW Little Athletics smoking policy, NO SMOKING is permitted within the fenced area on the OVAL when children are competing. No consumption of alcohol is permitted while a Little Athletics competition is taking place.